Retaining Walls, Patios, & Walkways

Crafting Landscapes

Maple Leaf Inc. can cover all of your retaining wall needs. Since 1993 we’ve been installing various retaining walls for commercial and residential customers. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service are just two of the reasons that Maple Leaf Inc. is fast becoming one of the largest Landscape companies in Dane County Wisconsin.

We pride ourselves on providing fast, efficient customer service at competitive prices to accommodate your needs, no matter how large or small the project, Maple Leaf is committed to getting the job completed to your satisfaction the first time. From construction of new retaining walls to the reconstruction of old retaining walls we can do it all. Maple Leaf Inc. uses many types and styles of retaining walls to best fit your needs. We offer walls in limestone, granite decorative boulder, and modular block wall to treat landscape timbers, and landscape timber to fit your personal needs as well as to accent your property.

Retaining Walls Help Water Flow Away From Your Lawn

Many people may not know or understand the true purpose of a retaining wall. The obvious reason is to offer your property curb appeal and a finished look, but there are other reasons as well. Retaining walls are designed and constructed to not only retain grade of your yard, but to move water away from your foundation and out into your yard thus preventing water from entering your basement.

Boulder Retaining Walls

At Maple Leaf Inc. we use 500-600 mc wall fabric and if necessary we install tile behind your wall, and fill the wall with a clean stone so that water that runs behind the wall can filter through, get caught by the drain tile, and be forced out into your yard and away from your house's foundation.

For your retaining wall needs contact a Maple Leaf representative today to set up an appointment to start the design process.

Patios and Walkways

Our team at Maple Leaf Inc. can install your patio and walkway needs. We can fulfill your needs with some of the finest paver products the midwest has to offer, or we can offer you a concrete solution.

Our paver designs are solid and durable and will leave you with a long lasting look. The area is prepared to grade, and the pavers are set in a design that will best fit your needs so that your patio or walkway does not settle or move on you from season to season.

Bring Us Your Backyard Vision

You can trust our trained staff to deliver the best landscaping care to have your home or business’s lawn looking beautiful year round! We offer annual and seasonal programs, as well as one-time services to ensure your lawn never goes uncared for. Give us a call at 608-845-2203 and let us know the vision of your outdoor space! Or submit a free quote here and we will contact you shortly after. Maple Leaf, lawn services you can count on year round!

“From inception to completion, your entire organization was responsive, prompt, and efficient. Even when things did not go as planned, everyone was patient and professional. Both of these qualities are commodities in this day and age, and I appreciate your efforts to maintain them. I commend you and your staff not only for the excellent work, but for being genuinely nice people. Thank you for a job well done.”

Teresa A. Knutson Choi

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We pride ourselves on the impeccable, customer-driven service we provide! Here at Maple Leaf, we train our staff in all areas of landscaping to offer you the best expertise in Madison. Our professional staff are experts in making your lawn and garden thrive beautifully year round! Whatever time of the year you need us, we are there for you!

Every element of your home or business’s outdoor space will be treated with care and quality! We will work with you to determine the best plan for your landscape and can guarantee you will be happy with the end result!