Fertilizing & Weed Control

Keep Those Pesky Weeds Away With Our Lawn Fertilizing and Weed Control Services

Nothing says summer quite like walking barefoot through the cool, fresh cut grass. To help keep your grass flourishing all summer long, Maple Leaf Inc. utilizes a 6-step program to keep your lawn lush and healthy throughout the harsh Wisconsin summer.

Fertilizers promote green color, foliage growth, and root development. In addition, fertilizers improve the overall health of your lawn, which in turn crowds out weeds, fends off pests, and improves your overall curb appeal. Our professionally trained and state certified turf applicators will prepare and maintain your lawn by using only the best fertilizers our region has to offer.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Like all living things, trees and shrubs must receive regular nourishment to maintain health and beauty. They also must be protected against harmful insects and destructive diseases which, when ignored, can destroy plants or leave them damaged.

That's why your choice of Maple Leaf Tree & Shrub Care is so important. Our tree and shrub services have been carefully developed using modern horticultural techniques. Our trained tree and shrub technicians, with state-of-the-art equipment, apply properly formulated materials on a regular treatment schedule that best suits the needs of your trees and shrubs.

We Train Professional Landscapers

Our staff operates as a team of landscape professionals. Our company is kept ahead of the pack by a determination to maintain a modern approach to landscaping in all its work - be this through new techniques learned, modernized materials or machinery. Staff trainings are right at the top of Maple Leaf Inc\'s list of priorities. Every single member of our team receives training throughout his or her time with us as well as training needs assessment. This ensures that we operate with a safe and knowledgeable staff.


We have learned a lot from our past experiences and we are now confident that we are in a position to build on those original techniques and are readily passing these on to our loyal customers and their properties.

A customized Maple Leaf Tree & Shrub Care program delivers more than proper nourishment and plant protection. It also:

  • Protects the considerable investment represented by your Trees and shrubs replacement costs can amount to thousands of dollars.

  • Enhances the overall market value of your home.

  • Creates an esthetically pleasing environment to provide more enjoyment for you and your family.

  • Guarantees stronger, healthier, more beautiful trees and shrubs through a continuing, year after year, professional program.

  • Spring Dormant Oil

  • An application of horticultural oil to control scale and the overwintering stages of insects. The suffocant action of the oil provides an early start of effective insect control.

Insect & Disease Treatment

Consists of three insect and disease treatments. Spray applications are made to foliage for control of insects: Japanese Beetles, sawfly, tent caterpillar, cankerworms, aphids, scale, mites, leaf miners, and webworms. Diseases reduced include anthracnose, rust, apple scab, leaf spot, and powdery mildew. We would recommend a minimum of at least 2 treatments for maximum effectiveness!

Spring & Fall Fertilization

With our Spring and Fall Fertilization Program, a balanced blend of fertilizers is injected into the root zone of your plants. This encourages root growth and builds plant strength for maximum summer growth and for surviving the cold winter stress, which as we all know is hard here in the Midwest!

Maple Leaf Six-Step Turf Care Program

  • ROUND 1
    Sulfur Coated granular fertilizer with Dimension Pre- Emergent Crabgrass Control. Application is in the early spring (April- Mid May) to control crabgrass emergence and to provide spring green up from long winter. Spot spraying of early emerging broadleaf weeds as needed.

  • ROUND 2
    Liquid Fertilizer, along with a blanket application for Broadleaf Weed Control. This application will help strengthen the turf as well as get control of dandelions. Applied in late spring to early summer. (Mid May- Mid June)

  • ROUND 3
    Sulfur Coated Granular Fertilizer. Spot spraying of weeds as needed. Applied in the summer months (July) to promote good green color, good root development, and to aid in drought stress tolerance.

  • ROUND 4
    Liquid Fertilizer, along with broadleaf weed control. This application will aid the turf in gaining strength after the stressful heat from the summer. (Mid August- Mid September)

  • ROUND 5
    Liquid Fertilizer, along with broadleaf weed control. This application will aid the turf in gaining strength after the stressful heat from the summer. (Mid August- Mid September)

  • ROUND 6
    Sulfur Coated Granular Fertilizer, along with spot spraying of weeds as needed. Applied in the fall (October) to help promote good fall root development and to aid the turf in preparation for the Winter.

Maple Leaf Organic Envy of the Neighborhood

    Corn Gluten Meal for a pre-emergent weed control with A 16-2-6 EcoSential organic fertilizer.

    Turf Care 16-2-6 EcoSential organic fertilizer.

    16-2-6 EcoSential organic fertilizer

    16-2-6 EcoSential organic fertilizer

    16-2-6 EcoSential organic fertilizer

We use Corn Gluten Meal as our weed control, which is a by-product from the corn milling process. It acts as a pre-emergent organic herbicide against such weeds as crabgrass, clover, foxtail and the big dandelions. With persistent spring use this will cut down on the amount of weeds you have throughout your property.

Along with the use of Corn Gluten Meal, we use a 16-2-6 EcoSential organic fertilizer for 5 applications. This fertilizer will help to maintain the strength and dark green color of your lawn.

Let Us Take Care Of Those Frustrating Weeds

You can trust our trained staff to deliver the best landscaping care to have your home or business’s lawn looking beautiful year round! We offer annual and seasonal programs, as well as one-time services to ensure your lawn never goes uncared for. Give us a call at 608-845-2203 and let us know the vision of your outdoor space! Or submit a free quote here and we will contact you shortly after. Maple Leaf, lawn services you can count on year round!

“From inception to completion, your entire organization was responsive, prompt, and efficient. Even when things did not go as planned, everyone was patient and professional. Both of these qualities are commodities in this day and age, and I appreciate your efforts to maintain them. I commend you and your staff not only for the excellent work, but for being genuinely nice people. Thank you for a job well done.”

Teresa A. Knutson Choi

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